The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously extended the mandate of the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) for six months, calling on the Taliban to create an inclusive government.

Iran PressAmerica: The mission can now work till March 17, 2022.

In a resolution adopted 15-0, the Security Council requested the UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, to submit a report by January 31 on strategic and operational recommendations for the mandate of UNAMA, in light of recent political, security, and social developments.

The council also requested the secretary-general to brief the body on Afghanistan every other month till March 17.

The Security Council resolution stressed the “continued presence of UNAMA, other United Nations agencies, funds, and programs across Afghanistan, and calls on Afghan and international parties to coordinate in the implementation of its mandate and ensure the safety, security, and freedom of movement of United Nations and associated personnel through the country”.

India and other nations have repeatedly called for the Taliban to provide unhindered access to all humanitarian aid workers stressing the dire situation the country faces, with poverty levels slated to shoot up to 92%, according to the UN Development Programme.

The UNSC also reaffirmed the establishment of an “inclusive and representative government,” emphasized the importance of “full, equal and meaningful participation of women, upholding human rights, including for women, children, and minorities”.

The council also reaffirmed the need for Afghanistan to “combat terrorism, including those designated” by a committee of the Security Council and ensure “that the territory of Afghanistan should not be used to threat or attack another country, to plan or finance terrorist acts to shelter or train terrorists, and no Afghan group or individual should support terrorists operating on the territory of any country”.