Tehran (IP) - Head of the ECO Cultural Institute said soon, the administrative operation of ECO member states' Radio and Television Union will begin.

Iran PressIran news: Sarvar Bakhti, Head of the ECO Cultural Institute, added: "Although the start of the broadcasting activities of the ECO member states was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the infrastructure of this project has been prepared and will be launched soon."

The head of the ECO Cultural Institute said: "Of course, reasonable steps have been taken in media cooperation, and a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the media of ECO member states, including Iran Press News Agency."

The primary purpose of the activities of this institute is to create an atmosphere of trust, friendship, and empathy by holding cultural and artistic programs. Still, in this partnership, the role of culture and art of ECO member countries should be prominent, he noted.

"One of the essential and main goals of the ECO Cultural Institute is to preserve the shared heritage and pass it on to future generations, and on this basis, a book called Intangible Heritage of ECO member states has been published," Sarvar Bakhti concluded.


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