Tehran (IP) - Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran says it is impossible to maintain the country's security, peace, and progress without having an efficient and self-reliant defense capability.

Iran PressMiddle East: Speaking at the introduction ceremony of the Minister of Defense on Sunday, Major General Mohammad Bagheri said: "Iran is located in the most sensitive region. The most important wars have taken place in this region in recent years, and there is no prospect of peace."

Major General Bagheri underlined: "The criminal United States came to the region under various pretexts, including the suspicious incident of 9/11, and it is still continuing its crimes in the region, the latest of which is the tragic incident that is taking place in Afghanistan."

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces added: "The United States transformed the Afghan Army into a disarmed army that could resist the Taliban for only 11 days."

"In such a situation, maintaining security, calm, development, and progress is not possible without an efficient and self-reliant defense capability," he stated.


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