Defense Minister:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Defense Minister said that at present, Iran was in no way comparable to the era of holy defense (Iran-Iraq 8-year war) and the recent past, and these defense developments, especially in the fields of missiles, defense and UAVs, had become a pain in the enemies' neck.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier-General Amir Hatami said at the 14th Conference of Commanders of Ground Forces Units of the Iranian Army: "The position of the army ground forces in ensuring the national security of the country is of strategic importance."

The Iranian Defense Minister stated: "After the 8-year imposed war, Iran's enemies repeatedly planned to encroach on the soil and water of the Islamic Republic of Iran by planning complex conspiracies, but with the vigilance, readiness, authority and effective presence of the armed forces, especially the army, they did not dare to invade our country."

Hatami mentioned economy, science, knowledge and culture as the most prominent features of countries' authority and said: "One of the most important components of power is the defense power of countries, which Iran has achieved due to the presence of faithful and brave forces and the possession and use of advanced weapons."

Analyzing the political-military and security conditions of the region and the world and the rapid growth of scientific progress, he emphasized: "Today, we are moving without dependence with firm determination and redoubled efforts in the fields of science, knowledge and technology in line with modern sciences, and we acquire the latest advanced knowledge in the field of defense and military in the world by relying on the indigenous knowledge of young specialists and elites."


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