In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Saturday, Kazem Gharibabadi, Iran's permanent representative in international organisation in Vienna, emphasized that the French , Italian, Chinese, and European Union ambassadors in Vienna all support the JCPOA. He was speaking at the Imam Khomeini's holy shrine in south Tehran.

Kazem Gharibabadi the Iranian permanent representative in international organization in Vienna said, after the ministerial joint meeting in Vienna, I have consulted with all European and chinses ambassadors and the most important point was that all of them supported JCPOA.

He mentioned all Ambassadors have same view about unilateral withdrawing of USA from JCPOA as a contradict action with international law and as an illegally action. He said their government also will support JCPOA and have taken concrete masers to preserve JCPOA.

He said this is the important for us to take concrete measure by European government because the United State is doing distractive action over JCPOA and also push the countries to not doing trade and work with Iran, and is trying to impose new sanctions against Iran.