Two Azerbaijani ships wharf in Bandar Anzali for Int'l Sea Cup Competitions

Bandar Anzali (IP) - The fleet of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the second fleet to be sent to the International Sea Cup competition in Iranian waters, was welcomed by the Northern Fleet and the Fourth Region of Imam Reza (AS) Navy in Bandar Anzali on Wednesday morning.

Iran PressIran news: The ship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, consisting of two ships 'G-122' and 'G-124' and 66 troops, arrived in the inland waters of Iran in the port of Anzali on Wednesday morning to participate in the International Sea Cup military competitions.

The Russian ships 'Volgodonsk' and 'Makhachkala' with 106 crew will enter Iranian waters in the coming days.

The missile launchers ships of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Joshan, and Peykan, will also participate in this competition.

This is the sixth international military competition of the Sea Cup, which is centered on Russia and the Caspian littoral states (Iran, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Azerbaijan).

Kazakhstan's Mangistav and Sary-Aka were the first ships to arrive in Anzali this week to compete.

In this round of the International Sea Cup, Bandar Anzali will host the competitions of the countries of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and about 400 athletes are participating in these competitions.

International Sea Cup competitions in the surface section include the stages of surface shooting, aerial shooting, buoyant control at sea, and harm control.

The cup will be held in two stages at sea and on the beach, and in our country, Bandar Anzali hosts swimming competitions, and Chabahar Port hosts sea cup diving competitions.

The sixth round of the Sea Cup competitions will be held for 25 days from August 24, and Bandar Anzali will host the surface competitions of this round of competitions.


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