COVID-19 National Task Force decisions' based on collective wisdom: Rouhani

Tehran(IP): Iranian President said that all of the decisions made by the National Task Force for combating COVID-19 were based on collective wisdom.

Iran PressIran News: The President evaluated the decisions of the National Task Force for combating COVID-19 based on the principles of science and collective wisdom and said: "Every week, we made the decisions that we felt were necessary and in 78 meetings, we passed a total of 573 resolutions."

Speaking at the National Task Force for combating COVID-19 meeting on Saturday, he hoped that Iranians would be on the path to health and the vicious virus will soon be cut off from society and all the people of the world.

The President continued: "Since the beginning of Corona outbreak, at the end of 2019, when the National Task Force for combating COVID-19 started to work, we had regular meetings every week, and God willing, in these meetings, the issues that had previously been discussed in committees had been finalized."

Rouhani went on to say that the meeting of the National Task Force was joined online by provincial headquarters, governors, and Presidents of the universities of medical sciences, and this online meeting was the source of great help in the creation of coordination procedure.

Rouhani added: "These online meetings create coordination throughout the country because the highest decision-making authority was engaged in the issues.

Referring to the fact that the formation of the Task Force was directly approved by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, President Rouhani reminded: Organizing of the National Task Force was done correctly, on time, accurately, and quickly. Coronavirus entered Iran on the last day of February 2019, and immediate decisions to contain the virus were made. In addition, various committees were forced to confront the virus.


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