Minister of Energy:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Energy says the share of the power generated by the nuclear plants must reach 8,400 MW by the next 20 years.

Iran PressIran news: Attending the open session of the Parliament on Tuesday, Reza Ardakanian said that it was expected that by 2028, two 1050 MW units would be activated to add a total of 2,100 MW to the current capacity that was 1050 MW.

Ardakanian further said that by the next 8 years, another two units of nuclear plants would join the grid in the Makran region, south and southeastern Iran, to add another 2,100 MW to the capacity and ultimately with the next step growing the capacity to 8,400 MW.   

The Minister of Energy noted that the two power plants were valuable power plants because they survived up to 60 years, did not cause environmental pollution, and produced clean energy.


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