Damascus(IP): The new ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria handed over his credentials to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday.

Iran PressMiddle East: The new Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Damascus, Mahdi Sobhani, submitted his credentials to the Syrian president at the beginning of his diplomatic mission.

Bashar al-Assad received the credentials of Mahdi Sobhani as Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the credentials of Samir al-Rifai as Ambassador of Palestine to Syria on Sunday.

The Syrian President Al-Assad received both of the new ambassadors separately and exchanged talks with them, wishing them success in their missions.

Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mansour Azzam, attended the ceremony of receiving credentials.

Sobhani has previously served as Director-General of the Foreign Ministry's Office of Strategic Planning and Monitoring, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi, Pakistan, Deputy Director-General for West Asia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as ambassador to Turkmenistan and Ukraine.


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