Tehran's oil refinery resumes its activity

Tehran (IP) - The CEO of Tehran Oil Refining Company announced the resumption of operations at the refinery.

Iran PressIran News: The head of the public relations office of the Tehran refinery, Hamed Armanfar, said: “Due to the complete and successful extinguishing of the fire by the rescue operations teams, production in the Tehran refinery has resumed.”

According to Shana, referring to the end of the firefighting operation on Thursday evening, Armanfar said: "Thanks to God and the tireless and selfless efforts of the rescue and fire brigade, the fire at the refinery extinguished in less than 26 hours, and production resumed hours ago.”

The CEO of Tehran Oil Refinery emphasized: “At present, there are no problems in the production process of this refinery.”

The massive fire had extinguished on Thursday. It broke out at the refinery on Wednesday and sent a huge plume of black smoke into the sky over Tehran.


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Fire at Tehran oil refinery is contained