Syrian people united against terrorism: Bashar al-Assad

Damescus (IP) - Syrian President and his wife cast their ballots at the polling station in the suburbs of Damascus on Wednesday.

Iran PressMiddle East: After casting his ballot, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that the Syrian people are united against terrorism. Syrian people ignore what the Western countries say about the election and that their opinions have no value.

Bashar al-Assad stated: "My visit to the city of Duma and participation in the election from here emphasizes that there is no region against another region or a tribe against another tribe in Syria."

Recognizing the decisions of the Syrian people as free and independent, the Syrian president said that the popular movement during the election was enough to respond to the statements of the Western countries regarding these elections. What happened in Syria is not a civil war, as the West claims.

The Syrian presidential election begins today Wednesday, May 26, with the nation's public presence in the polling stations.

Bashar al-Assad, the current President and the Secretary-General of the Syrian Baath Party, Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, former state minister of parliamentary affairs, and Mahmoud Ahmad Marei, head of the Syrian Democratic Front who stands as the key opposition of the current President are three candidates.


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