Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Energy opened seven water projects in Hormozgan, Fars, and Kurdistan provinces with a credit of 781 billion tomans through video conferencing.

Iran PressIran news: The projects were put into operation on Tuesday, in the presence of the Minister of Energy, Reza Ardekanian, and the seventh week of the #every_week_of_Iran_meeting via video conference.

Out of seven water projects, three were opened in Hormozgan province, three in Fars province, and one in Kurdistan.

The projects opened in Hormozgan province included the national plan for transferring water from Sehran dam to Gohran and 13 villages, the construction plan of Tiab sewage treatment plant and collection network, and a water desalination plant a credit of 88 billion tomans were put.

In Fars province, the projects included Dashtak-Marvdasht, Shahidabad-Khorrambid, and Kalno-Eghlid sewage treatment plants with a credit of 132 billion tomans.

The water transfer system from Azad Dam and the 11-kilometer water supply tunnel to Qucham Dam in Kurdistan Province was inaugurated with a credit of 1400 billion tomans.


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