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Tehran (IP) - Iran's Government Spokesman said that the global conscience has awakened against the pervaded barbarism in the 21st century.

Iran PressIran news:  Ali Rabiee, in his weekly presser on Tuesday, said that these days in Palestine, the sky is lead in the morning and orange at night, adding that the Israeli Regime, regardless of the most basic principles, treaties, and resolutions of the world, is committing its crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine in a shameful and oppressive way.

"Once again, the Palestinian issue has become a global moral dynamic," he stated.

Rabiee added: "Today we see that the voice of support for justice and freedom of the Palestinian people is heard from five continents of the world. Today, as the global conscience has wakened against this pervaded barbarism in the 21st century, we continue to stand by the Palestinian people in support of this global cause and to uphold the rights of these oppressed peoples in accordance with international law and norms."

 The spokesman also called on the nations and the competent international community to unite against the shameful apartheid of the Israeli regime.

15 million elderly, high-risk groups to be vaccinated soon

In another part of his speech, he said that the issue of purchasing the vaccine and importing it from all countries and companies is possible, and supporting domestic production of the vaccine has been discussed in the last few meetings of the government's economic headquarters in the presence of the Minister of Health.

Rabiee stated: "Fortunately, with the pursuit of all members of the government and the unremitting efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to the close cooperation of the Central Bank and with the pursuit of the Ministry of Health today, we have achieved promising and reliable results."

He said: "Today I announce that the government has transparently and fairly followed the vaccination of age groups with a specified priority and has arranged the facilities for its implementation," adding: "The government in order to implement health justice, from the very first days dealt with some abuses seriously, and today the vaccination program is being followed transparently and fairly, and this process will continue until the very end."

The government spokesman added: "Today, I am pleased to announce that with the measures that have been considered, about 15 million elderly people and people at risk will be vaccinated soon."

Rabiee said: "The collective efforts of the government have created an order that the process of import and domestic production in several centers in the coming months, will be such that all Iranians no longer have to worry about vaccination. This is the commitment of the government to the people, and certainly, the future government, taking advantage of these achievements, will continue this process with the created infrastructure."

He underlined: "All this happened in a situation where we were facing the most severe sanctions and economic war."

The government spokesman said that the statistics of the five countries with the highest rate of vaccination in the world show that these countries are the manufacturers of vaccines, adding: "This fact shows that Iran's investment in producing vaccines domestically has been correct and strategic. With the mass production of Iranian vaccines, which will soon be included in the general vaccination program, Iran will become one of the countries in the world with the highest rate of vaccine injection."


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