Iran’s new Ambassador to Syria Mahdi Sobhani met with the Syrian Foreign Minister Feisal Miqdad on Monday to submit a copy of his credentials to him.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sobhani described Iran-Syria relations as historical, deep-rooted, strategical, and quite amicable which is ever-expanding and emphasized the need for their further expansion in bilateral, regional, and international dimensions.

He also referred to the two countries’ stakes in the campaign against terrorism and reiterated Iran’s firm presence by the side of the Syrian nation in the reconstruction of their country in the post-war era.

For his part, the Syrian foreign minister appreciated Iran’s stands and support for the Syrian nation and government, stressing that the Syrians wholeheartedly appreciate Iran’s all-out support.

The bilateral relations are strategic and at the utmost possible level, and the Syrian officials emphasize the need for their continuation and further expansion, said Miqdad.

The Syrian minister voiced his government’s full support for Iran’s nuclear stands, as well as Tehran’s stands about the Arab and Islamic countries’ developments.

Sobhani’s former responsibilities include the head of Foreign Ministry Strategic Monitoring and Planning Office, head council in Karachi, Pakistan, managing directors of Foreign Ministry’s West Asia Office, and ambassador’s first assistant in Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

He arrived in Syria on Sunday, May 9.