Tehran (IP)- The Yemeni ambassador to Tehran emphasized that the US and Saudi Arabia are invading Yemen, and they can never meditate or propose plans and they must end their aggression.

Iran PressIran News:  In a Thursday exclusive interview with Iran Press on recent movements in Yemen and the US offer to hold talks with Yemen's Ansarullah Movement to resolve the Yemeni crisis, Ibrahim Mohammad Mohammad al-Deilami added that the US and Saudi Arabia must leave Yemen as soon as possible, and they should compensate for the damage that has done to Yemen and its people.  

Yemeni ambassador to Tehran said: "The truth is that after 7 years of the cruel invasion of Yemen and after the people and army forces have achieved successive victories, we see that Saudi Arabia and the United States have accepted the existing realities, so they try to act  as mediators."

Speaking to Iran Press on the sidelines of the 'Quds Day is Islam Day' ceremony, Al-Deilami highly emphasized that everything is clear; the United States and Saudi Arabia can never be a mediator.

'Quds Day is Islam Day' ceremony was held in Tehran the capital of Iran on May 6th, 2021 with top Iranian and Arab state officials and clerics in attendance.


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