President Rouhani:

Iranian president said major jump in uranium enrichment , came in response to the act of sabotage against the Iranian nuclear facility.

Iran Press/Iran News: "If the Zionists conspired against our nation, we will respond, and that was the first step," Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday, speaking during a cabinet meeting.

The president stated that the enemy wanted Iran empty-handed in the negotiations. "But our hands are full; we cut off your hands; we hit one hand with the IR-6 centrifuge and the other with enriching uranium to 60%," he said, adding the Islamic Republic had no intention of building a nuclear weapon.

“Of course, the security and intelligence officials must give the final reports, but apparently it is the crime of the Zionists, and if the Zionists act against our nation, we will answer it,” Rouhani said.

“Our response to their malice is replacing the damaged centrifuges with more advanced ones and ramping up the enrichment to 60% at the Natanz facility.”

“They (Israel) want our hands to be empty in the negotiations, but we will be in the negotiations with a stronger hand,” Rouhani said.

Iran said it has started work to use IR-4 and IR-6 centrifuges in Natanz for enriching uranium to the level of 60 percent and that it expects the product to be ready next week.

Iran on Sunday reported an act of sabotage that had caused a power failure at the country’s Natanz nuclear facility. 101

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