File Photo: Zarif and Guterres at UN in New York

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister, in a letter to United Nations Secretary-General, stated that the targeting of a safeguarded nuclear facility in Iran is nuclear terrorism and a war crime.

Iran PressIran News: In a letter to United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated in a Twitter message: "Deliberate targeting of a safeguarded nuclear facility—with a high risk of indiscriminate release of radioactive material—is nuclear terrorism and a war crime."

"Israel threatened and now boasts about action to prevent the restoration of JCPOA after US election," he noted.

In his Twitter post, the Iranian Foreign Minister called the Zionist regime's action in Natanz a foolish gamble and referred to the US' current duty in lifting sanctions.

“If the US wants to avert consequences of this foolish gamble, it must cease to consider economic terrorism perpetrated by Trump or recent nuclear terrorism as negotiating leverage and remove all sanctions imposed, re-imposed or relabeled since the adoption of the JCPOA,” FM Zarif added.

Foreign Minister also added in another Tweet: "After timely verification of removal of all US sanctions, Iran will respond by stopping all remedial measures—which will now take a significant upward leap following this latest terrorist sabotage."

On Sunday, the Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Ali Akbar Salehi, in reaction to the sabotage attack in a part of the Natanz facility's power distribution grids, said the terrorist attack indicated the failure of those who are against the country's industrial and political progress.

On Sunday morning, an incident occurred in a part of the Natanz nuclear facility's electricity distribution network.

According to the Iranian official and authentic sources, the Israeli regime is behind the attack.


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