Tehran (IP) - Iranian President said that all of the country's nuclear activities are peaceful and for civilian purposes.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday at the ceremony of the 15th National Anniversary of Nuclear Technology: "I am very happy that today's inaugurations are different from other ones. This technology is like high-tech and superior technologies, but because the other side uses this technology for other fields, they put us in their ranks." 

The President stated that Iran's goals in the nuclear industry had been clear, adding that this technology had been used in other sectors and was used in industry, agriculture, medicine, energy, and electricity. "If the other party thinks correctly, their concern is illogical. This unjustifiable concern for 16 years has caused trouble for the Iranian nation. If this wrong thinking was not in their minds and they were convinced of what is the history of the Iranian nation, that they pay special attention to religious and moral issues, they would have skipped this issue as well."

The chairman of the Supreme National Security Council went on to say: "The fact that we are still talking to the world and the Americans to stop their illegal actions is based on the fact that they have a mindset on which they have created trouble for themselves. I reiterate that all our nuclear activities are peaceful and for civilian purposes, and as the Supreme Leader has repeatedly stated, in our jurisprudence, pursuing a weapon that can be a great danger to a large community is forbidden." 

According to Rouhani, "If they pay attention to this issue, they will understand that Iran is not looking for these goals. When one looks at the traces of the dangerous and wrong work that the Americans did in World War II in Japan, when one looks at the disabled people who are still alive after all this time and are disabled in the shadow of it, one realizes that the wrong path is wrong and immoral." 

Emphasizing that in the current government, "we took two important steps in the field of nuclear", Rouhani stated: "One action is that before the formation of the current government, our enrichment activity was illegal in their view and the Security Council passed a resolution against us. We were asked to stop enrichment in Iran completely."

Noting that our work on enrichment was "illegitimate" in their view, the Iranian President highlighted, "We have terminated those resolutions. These resolutions went to the dustbin of history and our activities became legal. This excuse was taken from them, which is very important from the legal point of view and the stability of this technology, and one of the honorable achievements of the JCPOA was that it completely legalized the nuclear industry in Iran. This was great work done during this period.

The President stated: "Recently, the Parliament passed a ratification in which it set out tasks for the Atomic Energy Organization, and these tasks showed that our nuclear power is greater than ever, and it eliminated false professions, even though the world knew the truth." 

"When the Atomic Energy Organization is told that we want an IR6 chain, we can easily produce it, and today a chain of 164 IR6s was inaugurated, and this chain is such that the product can provide us with 10 times more than the previous chain," he said, stressing this means that the previous centrifuges were at most one SWU, and this new series is 10 SWU.

Rouhani added: "Even today, in terms of technology, we have reached the" IR 9 "centrifuge, which is 50 SWU, which means that it provides us with 50 to 60 times more products than the old centrifuges. Today, it is clear to us and the world what a great job has been done in the field of nuclear power in the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments."

The President continued by stating that in these 8 years we have been at a high level in the field of nuclear both in terms of technology and production, he said: "Technology is at a very high level, examples of which we inaugurated today. Production is also very important, it is a product that helps us in the industry and agriculture sectors and makes many products itself."

"Radiopharmaceuticals are one of the products used for diagnostics and are very important in medicine," he said. "Therefore, in this sector, one of the honors of the government in these 8 years is the development of technology in various nuclear fields."

Rouhani said that we have great and extensive facilities everywhere, each of which is important in its part, adding: "We are still living up to our promise. We have been in charge of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) with the world. NPT is not more than two words. In the NPT, the states that have acceded to the treaty undertake that their activities be purely peaceful and that they do not deviate from military activity. Second, to carry out peaceful activities, in addition to the IAEA and the world are helping that country in this regard." 


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