Tehran (IP) - Head of the headquarters for the management of operations against coronavirus in Tehran says that a home-made application called 'Riske Man' uses artificial intelligence to help diagnose COVID-19.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the Riske Man (My Risk) Application held at Shahid-Beheshti University, Alireza Zali stated that the other significant point of this app was that it was applicable at all levels and for all ages, and it could even detect coronavirus.

Alireza Zali stated that one of the main features of the 'Riske Man' application was being indigenous and it could be used in other countries as well.

Zali said that the 'Riske Man' application can be used in hospitals in order to manage hospital beds. The app uses artificial intelligence to help diagnose COVID-19.

Prioritizing groups to get vaccinated, the 'Riske Man' application can be an aid in the vaccination process indicating who is prior to being vaccinated.

Zali underlined: "Collecting accumulated information (personal medical info) from Tehran's hospitals has led to the invention of this app, so each citizen by connecting to this new app and giving their medical information to it can plan their social, medical, and professional life."

"The more information is given to the device, the more accurate the prediction will be to tell when you need to visit the doctor, rest at home, or how normal your health is," Alireza Zali said. 

"This application is completely innovative and indigenous without any dependence on others," he added.

He went on to say that Iran has witnessed formidable efforts in the country for inventions, and innovations among youth, especially in knowledge-based companies.


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