Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said that the management of revenue and expenditure of the current Iranian year's budget was achieved in the conditions of economic war and the maximum pressure of the Trump administration.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a meeting of the government's economic coordination headquarters, Hassan Rouhani added: "With the plans made this year, especially the arrangements made in the current budget, we were able to manage revenues and expenditures, and this is important in the conditions of economic war and maximum pressure from the Trump administration."

In this meeting, the Minister of Economy of Iran also presented a report on the level of realization of revenues specified in the Budget Law of the current year, especially from the place of tax, sale of bonds, and income from exports.

The Minister of Economy, referring to the taxes collected from large taxpayers as well as the collection of arrears, announced the realization of the major part of the revenues specified in this year's budget.

Referring to the realization of the goals of this year's budget in the main area of ​​revenues and expenditures, Iran's President said: "The government's macroeconomic plan for this year, which also includes the budget, was formulated based on the facts and economic capacities of the country."


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