Semirom (IP) - Snowfall in the last two days, covered Semirom city in Isfahan province, the center of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Semirom city is one of the mountainous and tourist cities of Isfahan province, which is located 165 km south of Isfahan city.

Most of the lands of Semirom city are apple orchards and Semirom apple is one of the high-quality products that is world-famous and the snowfall gave hope to the gardeners.

Semirom with an altitude of more than 2,460 meters above sea level is considered as one of the tallest cities in Iran and is known as "the roof of Iran" and "the land of thousand springs".

Semirom mountainous region is located next to Dena mountain and one of the pristine tourist areas that some date back to 700 BC. 101

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