Rezvanshahr (IP) - Visadar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Rezvanshahr in Gilan Province, northern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: With a height of 15 meters, this beautiful and spectacular waterfall is the third highest waterfall in Gilan Province and is located among the beautiful forests of Rezvanshahr.

The unique shape of the walls around Visadar Waterfall has created beautiful views in the heart of the forest, and one of its remarkable points is the beautiful route to reach this tourist place.

The path leading to Visadar Waterfall is soared on both sides and is covered with tall trees. The mountain is covered with greenery. Moving in this path and seeing the waterfall has a special freshness and beauty.

Visadar Waterfall is one of the best natural and tourist attractions of Gilan Province, and tourists travel to this spectacular area in different seasons.


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