IRAN (IP)- A spokesman for the Iran-Russia 2021 hybrid Maritime Security Belt Exercise said the exercise would be attended by the Navy of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, and the Russian Navy in the North Indian Ocean.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an interview with Iran Press on Monday,  Gholamreza Tahani, the spokesman for the joint maneuvers said, the drills themed “Joint Cooperation at the sea for the security of maritime trade” will be staged at an area of 17,000 kilometers.  

According to the spokesman, the exercise aims to establish security in the rescue and relief sectors, transfer skills, and demonstrate the interaction of the Iranian navy in the international arena.

Noting that the drills carry the message of peace and friendship, Tahani said that boosting the security of international maritime trade, fight against piracy and maritime terrorism, and sharing information about rescue and relief operations are on the agenda of the Navy drills.

Gholamreza Tahani said there were no threats or piracy in the northern Indian Ocean and that the exercise was aimed at preparing for presence in unsafe maritime areas so that Iran's maritime trade could be conducted securely.

Tahani also said about the different stages of the exercise of the Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt, that this exercise has two important parts, one was shooting during the day and the other was shooting at night, which is of special importance.

Talking about the upcoming exercises the spokesman said: "Strengthening and maintaining security at sea is continuous and uninterrupted, and the exercises are conducted as planned."


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