Istanbul (IP) - The Foreign Minister of Iran says that the hopes that the members of the new US administration have and claim that Iran must return to the nuclear deal are neither logical nor will ever be realized.

Iran PressAsia: Mohammad Javad Zarif, who visited Turkey, this afternoon - Friday - after the first round of talks with Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşo‌lu in a joint press conference on the return of the United States to the JCPOA, referred to the remarks of New US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and noted that the hopes of members of the new US administration, who claim that Iran will return to the nuclear deal, are neither logical nor will they ever be realized and noted that the logic is that the one who left the agreement will return to it, and we, who are also in this agreement, will take the necessary measures at that time.

He said: “The JCPOA was an agreement that the US government and Iran and five other countries joined and after long negotiations discussed all issues, and this agreement was approved by the UN Security Council.”

US actions are a clear example of lawlessness

"What is not in the agreement has been agreed not to be in the agreement," he said, adding: "Even today, those issues cannot be added to the agreement. The agreement is written in a framework of mutual distrust, so mechanisms were envisaged that if one party did not comply with the agreement, the other party could not fulfill its obligations under the agreement.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister pointed to the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal: “The US decided not only to withdraw from the deal but also to impose sanctions and pressure on those who adhered to the deal. We also saw sanctions against various Turkish companies and banks for this reason. This action is in fact a clear example of breaking the law.”

Zarif said that Iran's actions were based on an agreement to compensate for the actions of the American side, noting that Iran's actions do not mean Iran's efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon. We do not ideologically and strategically accept nuclear weapons and do not consider them a source of security. We believe that nuclear weapons must be destroyed by their owners as soon as possible.

He stressed: "The United States was a country that left the JCPOA and violated its obligations, and now it has a duty to return to the deal and fulfill its obligations. As soon as the United States fulfils its obligations and Iran sees the benefit of fulfilling these obligations, we will fulfill our obligations in full, and this has been announced by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution at the highest level of the Islamic Republic."

In response to a question about US sanctions against Turkey, the head of Iran's diplomatic service said: "We have honestly condemned the US sanctions against Turkey and we do not value them."

Zarif noted: "It is unfortunate that the US government is addicted to sanctions. This American policy will end to the detriment of the whole world and America itself.”


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