Finally, after a controversial and sedative election, Joe Biden was sworn in at the Capitol, as the 46th president of the United States

Iran Press/commentary: In his inaugural speech, the new US president stressed America's Democracy and national unity, as two important issues. He characterized the election result as the victory of democracy in the US and called people and all political currents to put aside disputes. Hours after the speech Biden also named January 20, the presidential inauguration day "National Unity" day. 

However, what happened in recent months showed that national gaps and democracy decline in the US are so deep that could be removed through dialogue by the president or a statement issued by the White House. 

Scenes witnessed during the presidential inauguration on Wednesday in two parts of the US capital, the White House when Trump left power and the Congress when Biden came to power, indicted how much differences have increased in the United States.

Trump relinquished power while refusing to attend the inauguration of his successor, and Biden made no mention of his predecessor in his inaugural address, at the same time more than 25,000 troops were assigned to provide security in the United States, the number of whom exceeded attendees and guests.

In recent months, serious doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of American democracy and its institutions.

Apart from Trump's repetitive claims without any concrete evidence to show the widespread fraud in the US election in November, the widespread dominance of money and wealth over the election process in the country is considered as one of the undermining scenes of democracy in the US.

Given the situation, Biden's vow to strengthen American democracy and build national unity will be somewhat impossible, or at least very difficult. 


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Joe Biden sworn in as 46th US president