A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that the US President's approval rating stands at 33%, while his disapproval is at 60%.

Iran PressAmerica: An average of recent polls finds Donald Trump with a 38% approval rating and 59% disapproval rating, CNN reported.

What's the point: A big question during the Trump presidency was whether anything could actually move the public opinion needle. It turns out that the insurrection at the US Capitol last week did exactly that.

The result is that Trump's final first-term approval rating looks to be the lowest on record dating back since scientific polling began.

Heading into January, Trump had a 44% approval rating to 53% disapproval rating. That was not significantly different from his 45% approval rating going into the election.

With still a few days left in his presidency, Trump looks like his approval rating will end up below 40% -- a decline of more than 5 points since the election.

It means Trump will be the first president in the polling era to end his first term with an approval of below 40%, the first with a disapproval rating north of 50%, and the first with a negative net (approval - disapproval) rating.

Trump has even seen a decline among his once heralded base. His approval rating with Republicans has dropped into the mid-high 70s in the average poll taken over the last week. It's usually in the high 80s to mid-90s. It was 95% in the general election exit poll.

He has certainly made Republican lawmakers less leery of distancing themselves from him.


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