Speaking to the Iranian ambassador to Damascus, the speaker of the Syrian Parliament said that the country's relations with Iran are deep and stable.

Iran PressMiddle East: Speaker of the Syrian Parliament, Hammoudeh Sabbagh, and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria, Javad Torkabadi met and held talks in Damascus on Thursday.

In this meeting, Sabbagh described Syria's relations with Iran as deep, strong and stable, and praised Iran's support for Syria in all fields.

He also thanked Tehran's move to invite him to attend a virtual conference in "Support and Solidarity with the Palestinian Nation", which is going to be held by Iran's Parliament.

Sabbagh went on to say that Syria will defend the Palestinian people until they achieve all their legitimate rights.

Javad Torkabadi also stressed Iran's firm position in support of Syria and its sovereignty and territorial integrity, saying that Iran and Syria have a firm and clear position on the issue of Palestine.

A number of Syrian parliamentary officials also attended the meeting. 219