Israeli internal security service Shin Bet hacked the phones of anti-Netanyahu protesters on suspicion they sought to break into the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem al Quds.

Iran Press/Middle East: The report said the Shin Bet was granted authorization to read messages on the demonstrators’ phones and search their homes after a number of protesters breached a police barricade outside the compound last week, with Netanyahu and his wife Sara reportedly moved to a safe room.

The protesters had no intention to break into the residence but wanted to tie themselves to the fence outside, according to Israel's Channel 13 news network.

The incident took place on Saturday, January 2, but was leaked to the three major TV networks and aired simultaneously on Friday evening in what some TV analysts said was an attempt from Netanyahu’s aides to draw a parallel between the storming of the US Capitol on Wednesday by supporters of US President Donald Trump and the anti-Netanyahu demonstrators in Israel.


The Shin Bet acted in accordance with the law to safeguard the security and government institutions. If any threat of this type was identified, the Shin Bet would act in accordance with the tools at its disposal in accordance [with] the law, the security service said in response.

The Black Flags and Crime Minister protest groups slammed the Shin Bet over the report.

"It seems the complete chaos at Balfour and the fear of the democratic protest that will topple the corrupt also penetrated the Shin Bet," the Crime Minister said, referring to Netanyahu’s trial on graft charges.

In a separate report, Channel 12 news quoted a police source criticizing the decision to move the Netanyahus to a safe room.

"There was no justification because there was no danger of a break-in by protesters," the source said. 

The reports came as weekly anti-Netanyahu protests were held outside the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem al Quds and elsewhere across Israel.