Iran (IP)- Ayatollah Khamenei thanked the people for creating an epic movement on the anniversary of Martyr Soleimani, and noted that it was not possible to create such a movement with any directive or order, and this movement was due to the right emotions, insight and motivations of the people.

Iran PressIran News: The main points of the remarks of the Leader of the Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei are as follows:

- Greetings to the people of Qom and the great seminary of Qom; I am deprived of seeing the enlightened faces of the dear Qomi brothers. But this is also one of the forms of life. It has its ups and downs. God willing, this will pass like all bitter and sweet events, and the path of life will be back on the right track.

- I will say a few words about January 9 and a few words about the issues of the day that are discussed in public opinion.

- We need to protect the memory of the epic of January 9. The next point is that we must guard the content of the epic of January 9; That is to say, it is obligatory for us to protect the incident itself in the sense of keeping it alive, and we will also provide protection of the content of this great epic and I will explain its cause.

- We have to protect that epic itself because it was one of the culmination of our nation. Nations have highs and lows; The climaxes are those that show a nation being alive and working and determined and insightful; January 9 was like this. This keeping alive both inspires the future and is a matter of national pride, and it is recorded in history and illuminates the culmination and way of the future.

- So this incident itself should not be obsolete as it has remained alive and vibrant so far.

- Safeguarding the content of this incident means that each incident has meaning. What was the theme of this incident? Why should we protect this theme? Because traitorous narrators and biased analysts try to narrate the content of these events for their own benefit and that of their enemies. In the past, we have had a biased narrator narrate the incident in such a way that the diverted subject comes to mind. Even today, with these vast possibilities of communication, it is possible for biased powers and traitorous hands to change events and change their content, misinterpret and distort public opinion.

Calling Qom movement anti-American, an anti-arrogance movement, Leader of the Islamic revolution added: "This is one of the most important tasks of the spy apparatus today. They observe the events of the world and after by writings of others, with the article and analysis of reputable and famous people with money and threats and bribery, they reflect what they want in the interpretation of an event in the language of these speakers."

I recently read a book compiled by an American; This book is about the CIA spy control of the world's major press and magazines. It describes how the CIA interfered in the writings and analyzes of well-known and authoritative writers and instilled their own interpretation into public opinion rather than actual interpretation. Not only in the American press, but also in Europe and France, he mentions that they did this in a magazine.

- The CIA transmits its misleading analysis of issues and events to public opinion and misleads them, and this is a danger that always exists.

- Well… about Januarys 9 we must be careful not to let that happen. What was the content of the movement on January 9, Qom, in which the people and the seminary shared that great movement?

- If the epic of Qom ended in the same city, it could be interoperated an emotional and passing movement and they say that they revolted and were suppressed and that was over. But this was not the case and the Qom incident in Qom did not end; It spread from Qom to Tabriz, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz, Mashhad and Tehran and gradually led to a general uprising. The Qomi people were the initiators, but it did not end in Qom, and within four or five months, this incident turned into a nationwide uprising, even in the villages, where everyone revolted.

- Then, based on this uprising, a great popular and unique revolution in history took place, and perhaps in unique ways, based on this uprising. With this view, the movement of the people of Qom can no longer be summed up as an excitement; No, it has a deeper meaning, which is the anger of the intensity of the people's protest against the corrupt, dictatorial, anti-religious, aristocratic regime.

- The anger of the people had accumulated over time and intellectual support had been found in the lessons and speeches and statements of Imam Khomeini that were published from Qom and Najaf, and this great movement and anger of the people, based on the intellectual support that the Imam constantly instilled and it was reflected all over the country that it was able to create this great uprising.

- Therefore, the Qom movement was an anti-American and anti-arrogance movement and a movement against evil forces that supported the dictatorial, corrupt, and anti-Pahlavi regime for their own interests.

Ayatollah Khamenei continued: "I would like to thank our dear people for the epic movement they created on the anniversary of our dear martyr Soleimani. These movements breathed new life into the body of the country. It was not possible to make such a move by any directive or order. This move was due to the emotions, insight and motivations of the people."

- I also thank the dear brothers who participated here and in Iraq for the great and wonderful gathering in Baghdad and some other Iraqi cities to honor Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, the prominent Iraqi commander, and Martyr Soleimani, the guest of the beloved Iraqi people.

- Remembering the companions of Martyr Soleimani; Martyr Pourjafari, ‌ Mozaffarinia, Taremi, and Zamanian who are among the great martyrs ‌ and also the companions of Martyr Abu Mahdi.

- I commemorate the memory of the martyrs of Kerman and also the tragic plane crash in Tehran, which was really a tragic accident. It also mourned the officials of the country and we hope that God Almighty will include the martyrs of Kerman and Tehran under his grace and mercy and give comfort and consolation to their families. Of course, the officials also have duties that have been mentioned to them.

- I commemorate the memory of Martyr Fakhrizadeh. He was an outstanding martyr.

- We lost two great scientific figures; One is Martyr Fakhrizadeh and the other is Mr. Mesbah, who have left behind valuable legacies in the system that must vigorously.


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