Iranian Presidential chief of staff, equated the US's recent activities in the region, a form of “psychological warfare”.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Chief of the Presidential Staff Mahmoud Vaezi says that the Iranian military forces are seriously prepared for any possible military action.

Vaezi, in response to a question from Iran Press about the US, moves in the Persian Gulf and the alleged message about the attack on the US Congress building in retaliation for the assassination of Gen. Soleimani said that the Americans, as in the past, waged a psychological war to worry the people, but the reality is different.

The Chief of the Presidential Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated that, on the contrary, the Americans are worried that Iran would take action on the anniversary of General Soleimani, and they took a defensive stance.

Vaezi stressed that, based on the analysis and evaluation, the Islamic Republic of Iran was not worried about a possible military event.

The official added that there were many problems inside the United States now and Democrats and Republicans are in sharp disagreement with each other and a president who did not understand the issues of democracy and while his opponent had won more votes he said he would not accept the result.

Vaezi stated that the remarks of the American officials these days are projection and Iran would wait another 12 days. 101

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