Deputy chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qawouq

Beirut (IP)- Deputy chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council said the Lebanese resistance would fight in any future war based on Lt. Gen. Qasem Soleimani's strategy.

Iran Press/Middle East: Sheikh Nabil Qawouq told Al-Manar that Martyr Lt. Gen Qasem Soleimani received advice from "Leader Ayatollah Khamenei" on the need to strengthen resistance movements when he became commander of the IRGC's Quds Force.

He added: "Soleimani's wish was for the resistance movements to be able to target the Knesset, the Zionist Regime War Ministry, the military and strategic facilities of the Zionist regime, and his dream came true before his martyrdom."

Deputy chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council emphasized that Haj Qasem played a key role in establishing a missile system that could surround the Zionist regime, and today, a great deterrent and threat to the existence of the Zionist regime has been formed.

The senior Hezbollah member then said that Martyr General Soleimani and Haj Emad Mughniyeh were also a single team to strengthen the resistance and transfer experience from Iran to Lebanon and Palestine.

In the end, Nabil Qawouq said that Haj Qasem Soleimani was present on five fronts: Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon, and this is an exceptional ability.


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