The EU decision to impose new sanctions against Minsk is short-sighted and does not achieve the intended goal, Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Friday.

Iran PressEurope: "It is a stupid, short-sighted and all regards flawed decision that will only lead to negative consequences, including for those high goals and ideals that the EU allegedly care so much about. Such steps never achieved its stated goal in the past and they will not now," Anatoly Glaz underscored.

The spokesman sees this EU decision as a "primitive element of a wide-scaled targeted campaign of mass pressure on our country."

"A simple attempt of foreign meddling in the internal affairs of an independent state, despite all the talk from our European partners about supporting its sovereignty. Also, there are no doubts left that these steps are actually aimed against regular Belarusians," Glaz said, adding that Minsk has prepared response measures to the EU sanctions.

"Some of them would be rather sensitive. Let certain European opponents not be surprised later and not try to shift the blame. It’s all clear as day," the spokesman said.

Glaz also said that Minsk will take adequate actions to protect the rights and legal interests of its citizens and organizations that were hit by sanctions.

Besides a number of Belarusian officials, the EU sanctions hit the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, the 140th Repair Plant, Beltehexport, Sinezis, and Dana Holdings. Belarusian business is forbidden from having any business with these companies.