Tehran (IP)- The Secretary of High Council for Human Rights said that having a lot of commonalities Iran and Afghanistan should solve their differences because the enemies try to make rift via the differences and create riots to reach their illegitimate aims.

Iran Press/Iran News: "The foreign forces have occupied regional countries such as Afghanistan for nearly 20 years. They have not maintained peace and security, and they have hindered efforts made to develop tranquillity and serenity. "Afghanistan is regarded as the bedrock for narcotics production in the world because when the US and its allies have trespassed Afghanistan 20 years ago, the production of narcotics was 200 tons per year, but now it has reached 9,000 tons, which is a 45-fold increase, so instead of fighting narcotics and smuggling, the enemies make Afghanistan a safe haven for smugglers," Bagheri-Kani added. 

"The two nations' cultural, historical and civilization commonalities are even more than the history of foundations of some countries. Afghan nationals' presence in the Islamic Republic of Iran dates back to the beginning of Iran's Islamic Revolution, and it is a valuable investment to develop the two countries for the next generation," said the official.

"The enemies do not care about Yemenis, Iraqis, Afghans, or Iranians; they just pursue their own interests. So with unification, cooperation, and unity, Iran and Afghanistan can build a bright future for their posterity," Bagheri-Kani highlighted.

"Despite their deep challenges, the European countries are making their utmost efforts to put them, aside and are aiming to make a rift between our regional countries to reach their illegitimate goals, but with unity, we must not let them be opportunists," he stated.

"If the westerners had believed in human rights, they would have sent Afghans agricultural equipment to help build their country instead of sending tanks and war weapons to destroy it," Bagheri-Kani underscored. 

"They have not destroyed terrorist outfits; instead, they created ISIS and assassinated Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani who had been fighting terrorism," he reiterated.  

"Iran-Afghanistan commonalities, including their literature, dates back to 1000 years, and Afghan nationals are active in Iran in various fields; this is a precious investment," he said.

"Afghans have not allowed anyone to rule or dominate them like the US or the West with their sophisticated weapons. They also stand still against their bullying firm and defended their country, people, and identity," he continued. 

"The truth is that Iran and Afghanistan, with their transnational capacities, can be a role model for other nations," Bagheri Kani pointed out.

A ceremony on the occasion of the "World Refugee Day" was held in Tehran on Dec 17, 2020, with successful Afghan immigrants as well as the Secretary of High Council for Human Rights in Iran,  Ali Bagheri-Kani in attendance.

The Afghan nationals who live in Iran are active in science, art, sport, and an array of other fields. They expressed their views and discussed their challenges during the ceremony.


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