Tehran (IP) - Iran's president says in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Tehran proved to be the most committed country in the world.

Iran PressIran news: At the times of the JCPOA negotiations, "there was a false rumor in the world public opinion that Iran would not fulfill its promise if it made a commitment. In the JCPOA, we proved that we are the most committed country in the world," Hassan Rouhani said at a cabinet session on Wednesday.

"We negotiate hard, we negotiate obsessively, but if we decide and sign, we will stay true to our signature and obligation. In negotiations with 5+1, we were seven countries. You compare Iran with the other member states of the UN Security Council, regardless of the United States, the others could not or did not want to fulfill their obligations. The one who did the right thing was Iran," he added.

"The situation today is different from when we negotiated for the JCPOA," President Rouhani said, noting: "That day, a sword called six resolutions was over our heads. Today, that sword has been broken and it has been diminished."

Rouhani the day Iran was negotiating, the second sword so-called the possible military dimensions (PMD) was over its head, but now that sword is broken.

"In the 2015 talks, 5+1 was in front of us, but today the United States is alone," he said. "All but a few small countries oppose leaving the JCPOA and advise the United States to return to the deal. Yes, today the situation is different. Inside the country, the situation is different too. We had to pay millions of dollars that day to import gasoline, but today we export gasoline."

The President highlighted: "On the day we were negotiating, we were importing gas oil, but today we are exporting. We had to import gas that winter, but today we also export gas in the winter. Many crops that day, including wheat, needed to be bought from abroad, but today we are standing on our own feet."

Stating that "in many products, we are either in self-sufficiency or on the verge of self-sufficiency, he said: "Today's situation is very different from that day and is not comparable."

The President stressed that although the Iranian nation is standing on its own feet, at the same time, if 5+1 returns to the full commitments, we will return to the full commitments at the same time.

Referring to the US President Donald Trump, Rouhani said: "He became the most rebellious and law-breaking president of the United States, and we are now in the last days of it."

Iran, not excited from about Biden coming

Rouhani underscored: "Some say you are very excited about Biden coming; No, we are not happy, but we are very happy that Trump is leaving."

He added: "The next US government knows itself; The way is open to take the right path. We hope that the message of the American people's vote is clear to the new US administration and that they know that this vote is for adhering to law, not lawlessness. The vote is a commitment to the treaties, not a breach. We hope that the will of the American people will be fulfilled in this vote. We want security and stability around the world and constructive interaction with countries that want to choose the path of interaction."


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