Health Minister:
Iran is 4th country in Remdesivir production worldwide

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Health Minister, stating that the way out of the crisis is not to beg the United States or Europe, said: "Iran's greatest strength is to rely on domestic capabilities and resources."

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Tuesday at the unveiling of nine research projects of the Ministry of Health, the Iranian Minister of Health, Saeed Namaki, referring to the US sanctions against Tehran at the same time as the outbreak of the coronavirus, said: "They did it and deceived the world."

Emphasizing that the only way to develop the country is to pay attention to research and development, Saeed Namaki noted: "At the time of the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Iran was severely short of disinfectants and masks, but in less than 50 days, knowledge-based companies not only produced products but also gained export power."

In this ceremony, nine research projects such as the production projects of Remdesivir, ultrasound desktop centrifuges, chromatographic resins, and laparoscopic devices were unveiled.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the fourth country in the world in the production of Remdesivir after the United States, China, and India.


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