Tehran (IP) - Iranian President on Tuesday advised all those who seek the defeat of the Islamic Republic through measures such as sanctions, to leave this wrong and failed approach to the museum of history forever.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said at Tuesday's meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board, referring to Iran's economic power and strength as two important and decisive facts, highlighting: "Although the economic war has caused a lot of damage, including to people's livelihoods, today the countries who pursue the policy of sanction and warmongers who predicted the collapse of Iran's economy in the short term are leaving the White House as the Iranian nation stands proud and victorious in an unequal economic war stronger than ever."

Rouhani further explained that the resistance of the Iranian nation against the pressure of sanctions and Donald Trump's full-scale economic war against Tehran showed great realities to the world and all the ill-wishers of Iran, adding: "He acted on his illusions."

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran pointed out: “The failure of the White House in the face of Iran after two and a half years of all-out economic war, along with the failure of international policies, is one of the reasons for Trump's defeat in the presidential election.”

Rouhani further referred to the characteristics of next year's budget bill (2021) of Iran and said: "The basis for compiling and designing next year's budget bill was the country's economic capacity and international realities, and had been presented through a detailed analysis of domestic data and realities".


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