Gorgan (IP) - For the first time, historical objects from the Seljuq, Timurid, and Ilkhanate periods have been unearthed in the Sarcheshmeh of the historical city of Gorgan, the capital of Golestan province.

Iran PressIran News: Archaeologists have been working for more than a month in the Sarcheshmeh neighborhood of the historical city of Astarabad (Gorgan), where they have discovered 300 different objects for the Seljuq, Timurid, and Ilkhanate historical periods so far.

No excavations have been carried out in the historic city of Astarabad before, and a museum is to be built for objects discovered in the area.

Historical objects discovered following the activities of explorers in Gorgan show that industrial production had existed in different historical periods in Iran and this issue is historically important in the world.

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