The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister announced that the country is determined to retake the occupied Golan Heights from Israel.

Iran Press/Middle East: Bashar al-Jafari told Al-Mayadin News Network on Wednesday night that in separate letters to the UN and the UN Security Council, he had complained about Israel's actions in the occupied Golan, adding: "The United States and Israel are partners in occupying the Golan Heights."

Al-Jafari pointed out that the US government's policy towards the occupied Syrian Golan is no different from the British colonial policy, stating: "This occupation comes after the Trump administration took action on the occupied Syrian Golan, It is a joint occupation by the United States and Israel."

Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled illegally to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, saying that Washington supports its decision on the region and emphasized Tel Aviv's sovereignty over the region.

Al-Jafari's remarks came as Syrian sources reported on Wednesday that Syrians held anti-Israeli demonstrations in the occupied Golan Heights to protest the Israeli actions in the region.

The demonstrators have emphasized that they will turn the Golan Heights into a 'graveyard' for the Israeli occupiers and will not allow them to take their land from them.

The occupied Golan is part of the Syrian province of Al-Quneitra, which was occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War and annexed in 1982. The international community has never recognized this annexation by Israel. 219