Tehran, Beijing co-op is a must to fight against drugs

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police Chief Brigadier General in a virtual meeting with his Chinese counterpart, said: "The West double standard policy in the fight against drugs has caused problems in the region, and solving the problems require more cooperation between the countries of the region, especially Iran and China."

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police Chief Majid Karimi in a joint webinar with Yun LIANG, Executive Secretary-General, China National Narcotics Control Commission (NNCC) on Tuesday, referring to the presence of Western countries and the United States in Afghanistan, said: "With the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan the cultivation and production of narcotics in this country have increased up to ten times."

Majid Karimi said: "Iran is at the frontline of the fight against drugs in the world. In the first 11 months of the current year, the Iranian police confiscated more than 900 tons of various drugs, and it will reach more than one thousand by the end of the year."

Confirming Brigadier General Karimi's remarks, Yun LIANG, Executive Secretary-General, NNCC of China, stressed the need for more cooperation between the two countries in the fight against narcotics and said: "According to the memorandum of understanding between the two countries in the fight against narcotics, cooperation should be strengthened."

Yun LIANG added: "The Anti-Narcotics Police of Iran has valuable experiences in the field of counter-narcotics, and the cooperation between the two countries will be crucial."


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