Tehran (IP) - Member of the National Security Commission of the Iranian parliament stated that the retrieval of assets from the countries indebted to Iran should be followed seriously by the foreign ministry.

Iran Press/Iran News: Referring to the fact that South Korea owes Iran 7 to $ 10 billion, and has set conditions for repaying, Maleki added that part of these problems are due to US sanctions against Iran, but in any case, it must return to Iran, Fada-Hossein Maleki told Iran Press.

Maleki highlighted: “Some countries such as China, although they do not seem to be against paying their debts, have considerations which have created problems in paying their debts back to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Emphasizing that parliamentary diplomacy should show more power to solve this problem, he said that the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic should do its best to receive its demands.

Due to the economic situation of the country, all human rights organizations and the judiciary of Iran should try their best to receive the demands, the member of the National Security Commission of Iran’s parliament pointed.


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