Poll: Trump’s loss is making more Americans ‘happy’ than Biden’s victory

According to a poll in the US, Donald Trump's defeat in the US presidential election has made more American's happy than Joe Biden's victory.

Iran PressAmerica: The Monmouth University poll of 810 adults, conducted Nov. 12-16, found 34% of respondents answered they were happy that Trump lost the election while 25% answered they were happy about the idea of Biden becoming president.

The poll found a closer divide among respondents who answered they were satisfied or happy about Trump’s loss or Biden’s win — with 52% answering they were satisfied or happy Trump lost compared to 51% who answered the same about Biden’s win.

It also broke the answers down along partisan lines.

Seventy-four percent of Democrats answered they were happy Trump lost the election, while 57% answered they were happy about Biden becoming president.

Among Republican respondents, 4% answered they were happy about Trump’s loss and 4% answered the same about Biden’s win.

The poll also found more Americans expressed anger about Biden’s win than Trump’s loss — with 15% who answered they were angry about Biden winning compared to 10% who answered the same of Trump losing.

Meanwhile, 29% said they were dissatisfied with Biden’s win, while 28% said the same about Trump’s loss.

Despite the fact that about two weeks have passed since the US presidential election and Joe Biden has been elected President of the United States with 306 electoral votes, but Trump still refuses to accept his defeat, still claiming on Twitter that he has won the election.


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