Mike Pompeo, who is likely to spend his last days as US Secretary of State, announced more sanctions against Iran are implemented this week.

Iran PressAmerica: "The United States will continue to advance its maximum pressure policy and imposes new sanctions against Tehran this week," Pompeo said in a statement posted on the State Department's website.

After the results of the US presidential election were such that Donald Trump will probably not be in the White House for another 4 years, news sources announced that his administration intends to impose sanctions and measures against Iran every week before the end of his term.

Last week, the US Treasury Department imposed new sanctions on several individuals and entities linked to Iran.

After withdrawing from JCPOA, the US President promised to persuade Iran to come to the negotiations to reach a "better agreement", in his opinion, by pursuing a policy of "maximum pressure campaign" against Iran.

More than two years after that promise, the US government has failed to achieve this goal, which is why Trump has been criticized by various groups in the United States.