Iranian President said on Sunday that the completion of an important part of the development projects in the 1400 (2021) budget plan is a good ground for the seventh development plan to cut down direct dependency on oil.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday morning in the meeting of the Economic Coordination Headquarters, about the budget framework for the upcoming year: "The main goal of the 1400 budget is to reduce expenses, increase revenues, reduce government enterprises, develop E-government, cutting off the direct oil dependency on Budget, the surge in production and implementing the general policies of the resistive economy.

President Rouhani added: "The 1400 budget bill within the framework of the general program of reforming the budget structure, general policies of the resistance economy, with the approaches of 'long-term growth by focusing on non-oil exports', actively countering the outbreak of the coronavirus and reducing its negative economic impacts, together with acceleration in the completion of production and asset acquisition plans, facilitation of business environment, paying attention to people's livelihoods with priority on basic commodities and development of public-private partnership model will be formulated.

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Rouhani also said that the budget of the institutions should create new opportunities and new sources of non-oil-dependent income for the country, without disturbing the balance of prices of goods and services in the same sector or other sectors and institutions. "Also, it is aimed at solving the challenges faced by Iran which are related to the budget and facilitate the budget implementation process," he added.

The President stated: "Strengthening and supporting domestic production and manufacturing and focusing on export development policy, especially non-oil exports, with special emphasis on neighboring countries and Eurasia and establishing long-term trade relations and reducing tariffs in bilateral or multilateral international agreements are the main tools targeted at countering sanctions.


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