French Prime Minister Jean Castex says one in four deaths currently happening in the country are caused by Covid-19.

Iran Press/Europe: “Today in France 1 in 4 deaths is due to the virus,” Castex said on Thursday. “France is facing an extremely strong second epidemic wave," he added. Over the past week between 400 and 500 people have died every day, he said.

Commenting on the increased pressure on the hospital system, Castex said 4,803 patients were currently in intensive care, which is "95% of our usual capacity."

More than 50 million cases of Covid-19 have been recorded worldwide.

The US has surpassed 10.5 million cases and 240,000 deaths, with several states breaking daily case records. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects there will be up to 282,000 US coronavirus deaths by December 5.

The United States currently has more people hospitalized with Covid-19 than ever before, according to the Covid Tracking Project (CTP).

There were 67,096 people in hospital on Thursday across the entire United States, according to the CTP. This is now the third consecutive day that that nation has topped 60,000 current hospitalizations.

Last Thursday, the US reported 53,322 current hospitalizations.

Lebanon’s coronavirus infections crossed the 100,000-mark on Thursday, as the country prepared to enter a new two-week lockdown.

The health ministry said the number of people who have tested positive with COVID-19 had reached 100,703, including 775 deaths.

Lebanon, with a population of about six million, is recording some 11,000 coronavirus infections on average each week, the ministry said.

The United Kingdom reported 33,470 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, the highest daily total to date, as the government struggles to control a second wave of infections going into the winter.

The death toll in the UK is higher than the other worst-affected countries in Europe and the number of people killed by coronavirus is only higher in the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico.


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