The US Joint Chiefs of Staff announced in a non-media meeting with senior US generals and TV presenters on Tuesday that the US military would not interfere in the US presidential election.

Iran PressAmerica: The role of the US military is non-political, said Gen. Mark Milley in a video conference, stating that the US military will have no role in the peaceful transfer of power.

Speculation about the role of the US military in the US presidential election has increased significantly these days.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently said he is absolutely convinced that if Trump did not step down after the election defeat, the military would escort him out of the White House.

US President Donald Trump recently at a news conference in response to a question about the peaceful transfer of power in case of losing the November 3 election said that he waits to see what happens as he thinks the ballot boxes are out of control.

Trump, who has been ranked second after his Democratic rival Joe Biden in recent opinion polls, at a press conference reiterated his allegations of irregularities in the election process, particularly the postal voting process.

In recent months, the results of most polls in the United States indicate that Trump will lose this election.