The French government plans to deport 231 foreign nationals on suspicion of "extremist activities".

Iran PressEurope: Two days after the incident for a French citizen by an extremist, the French government is preparing to expel 231 foreign nationals for "extremist beliefs".

The French Interior Ministry declined to comment further.

The government of Emmanuel Macron has come under pressure from right-wing parties to crack down on immigrants following Friday's incident on the outskirts of Paris.

An unidentified assailant attacked and killed a man on the outskirts of Paris with a cold weapon, French police said the last Friday night.

In recent months, cold weapon attacks have become a way of operating terrorist groups in Europe.

European countries, including France, which has spared no effort to help terrorists in the West Asian region, especially those based in Syria, are now facing the return of European members of ISIS terrorists along with terrorist attacks on their soil.