In his first public speech since suffering from COVID-19, the US president spoke out against his Democratic rival, saying he would never allow the United States to become a socialist country.

Iran Press/America: Donald Trump appeared without a mask on the balcony of the South Garden at the White House on Saturday afternoon, delivering a speech from a public place for what were called 500 people of color.

He once again called the coronavirus a Chinese virus and said that a vaccine for the disease would be available much, much sooner.

US President once again called his Democratic rival, Joe Biden  "sleepy" whose policies have caused billions of dollars to flow into China.

"If you think he can run the country, you are wrong," Trump said, noting that Biden had betrayed black and Latino communities.

Regardless of the widespread popular outcry over racial inequality, Trump claimed that what his administration had done to the protesters, mainly by deploying National Guard and repression, was "freedom".

The US president also cited cuts in the cost of treatment, criminal justice, free choice of school and the creation of 11.4 million jobs, especially for blacks, and claimed to have done more for blacks than Abraham Lincoln (former US President in the 19th century during American civil war).

Trump is also scheduled to attend another rally on Monday. Trump is still undergoing treatment for Covid-19 infection, and the shortness of his speech today may be due to the physical problems caused by the infection.


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