News sources reported that protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continue in occupied Palestine.

Thousands protested today (Saturday) against the corruption of Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite coronary restrictions imposed in the occupied territories.

Since the beginning of the curfew due to the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, this is the fourth large-scale demonstration which has been held observing social distance.

The Occupied Territories have seen frequent protests against Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption in recent months, as well as his poor performance against the Coronavirus.

Criticizing Netanyahu's cabinet for failing to control Coronavirus and his wife's corruption cases, protesters urged Netanyahu to resign as soon as possible.

In this regard, Israel's tourism minister Asaf Zamir has resigned from the fractious government Friday, saying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put his personal and legal issues ahead of the response to the coronavirus crisis.

Also, the former Israeli war minister warned of a civil war in Israel, accusing Netanyahu of sacrificing the regime for personal gain.

Nearly 70 percent of Israelis do not trust Netanyahu’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, according to a survey published by the non-partisan Israel Democracy Institute on Wednesday.