Iran marks National Day of Rumi, greatest Iranian poet

Tehran (IP) - September 29 is considered a significant cultural event for Iranians to commemorate the prominent Iranian poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi who is known to everyone.

Iran PressIran news: Iran is the cradle of countless famous people and poets; one of the most famous Iranian poets is Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, who is known as Mawlānā, Mawlawī, and more popularly simply as Rumi.

Rumi was born to native Persian-speaking parents on the Eastern shores of the then Persian Empire on September 30, 1207, in the city of Balkh which is now part of Afghanistan, and finally settled in the town of Konya, in what is now Turkey.

Rumi recited poetry for about 25 years and 70,000 verses. He has covered every morsel of emotion, thought, idea, and topic. Therefore, he can't be pinned in one statement. His work has an all-embracing universality. A call from an independent soul yearning for true freedom from dogma and hypocrisy.


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