Tehran (IP) - Iran's Guardian Council spokesman reacted to the new US government sanctions against a number of Iranian judicial officials.

Iran PressIran News: "Following the pressure on Iran, Donald Trump has imposed new sanctions on our country's judges," Abbas Ali Kadkhodai, Iran's Guardian Council spokesman wrote on Twitter.

"Can the Iranian judiciary impose similar sanctions on the killers of black people who are tortured and killed without trial when they are arrested?"

US Treasury Department announced in a statement posted on its website on Thursday night that 'Mahmoud Sadati and Mohammad Soltani', Iranian judges, have been sanctioned.

Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy for Iran and Venezuela, had previously said that Washington was boycotting Judge of Navid Afkari case.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran since leaving the nuclear agreement, as well as after several defeats in international forums.


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